of what remains, until the end

04.05.2023 WRECK event | KRETSCHMANN  | WOODLER | DJ VUL_VA  | GBRL  Æ-X |  bar 21:00h program 22:00h |

12.05.2023 Dance for Ziel We’re thrilled to announce our next charity event in collaboration with „bar to reinforce electrical colors“ Dance for Ziel. A fundraising party that will take place on the 12th of May. This time around, we’ve been cooking up something really special for you: a night full of music by local and Ukrainian DJs:
Nizar Sarakbi / Schande / MKCMLLN / DJ Terror / Marshrutka / ZIEL is a creative collective whose aim is to provide support to people affected by the war in Ukraine. At our last event, a charity art market, where local artists kindly donated their works, which ranged from prints and paintings to hand-crafted jewelry and ceramics, we were able to raise a substantial sum which we donated to local volunteers in Ukraine. We were amazed by your support and inspired to further pursue our common ZIEL with another event. So save the date and get ready for an amazing night on the  12th of May at Brunnengasse, 76. Start: 21:00H Entrance fee: donation starting from 10€, all the proceeds will go to @poryad_ukraine  See you on the dance floor!

13.05.2023 homebase DJ ÆLOISIE | Kon:Stil | Malek | 22:00h |

18.05.2023 RVSSIA (live) | BRANDO ZORES SZELY  (live) | bar 21:00h program 22:00h |

19.05.2023 THNK PNK | vrichy (live set) | ACBOY | bar 22:00h program 23:00h |

RVSSIA started in 2016 to produce and he has released on many labels, among them Carbone Record, Revok Record, Scuderia Records, Diffuse Reality, Genau Recordings, Rebels Conspiracy and Insane Industry. Hart lab resident. Currently he lives between Vienna and Turin.

BRANDO ZORES SZELY He works in the fields of sound-architecture and -installation, intermedia art, composition, radio art, sound environments for theatre, concerts and performances, and acoustic interventions in public space. Since 2003, he has been in charge of the sound architecture and the sound direction for the series TONSPUR for a public space, a project by TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien. CD releases on mosz, sabotage records, one drop of blood records. Numerous grants, e.g.: Mexico City, Fujino Japan, Istanbul. His works, as well as concert installations were shown and heard in Europe, the USA, in Asia and in Canada as well as in Russia

20.05.2023 SOUNDHOUSE | discrete formants | onkz | Mize Hetner  | 22:00h

26.05.2023 ATIKKA (Live) is the new Copenhagen based trance duo consisting of Danish artist Susanne Benther Mouritsen (aka Xuri) and Australian artist John Cleworth (aka Cleworth) – a duo specialising in bringing hypnotic live trance sets into club spaces.

+ TRANSKI, VICH MIND, ALPHA TRACKS, INOU KI ENDO | link Info : strumandiodine | bar 22:00h program 23:00h |

01.06.2023 | Verfall (Vinyl dj set/Serbia) | Anton R | Dj Warzone | bar 21:00h program 22:00h |

02.06.2023 CYBER | Rizmo (Entrance) | Gordon C (Fundbüro Hernals) | Reinhard Zach (CYBER, Merkwürdig) | Gabriel ( CYBER, Connecting People) | bar 21:00h program 22:00h|

03.06.2023 private party (guest list only)

09.06.2023 Fonk | Jukebox Utopia | Autonomuse b2b Adriatica | bar 22:00h program 23:00h | Hart Lab

10.06.2023 OTTO VON SCHIRACH (Miami) Live |FB event | Tiburon from the Bermuda Triangle

15.06.2023 HOMEBASE Vaлessa | Elias Vo | Kon:stil | Malek | | bar 21:00h program 23:00h |

APRIL 2023

01.04.2023 SUPERSTATE Club Twelve (Superstate) | Burnjamin (Out of Order bln) | DJ Æloisie (sinus.vie; physical.vie) | bar 21:00h program 22:00h

07.04.2023 HOMEBASE | DOT13 (storytellers) | Wanek (storytellers, fummeln) | Homebase Crew kon:stil + Elias Vo + Malek | bar 21:00h program 22:00h

08.04.2023 MKCMLLN (he/him) is a queer DJ of a new generation of Ukrainian electronic scene artists | He started playing during the pandemic taking lessons from leading ukranian artists tofu dj and VESELKA’s resident Ruslan Mays. During war times he took part in revival of parties under a curfew and joined VESELKA’s showcase in RSO in Berlin. His selection is very diverse and ranges from 90’s grooves to contemporary futuristic sound. While playing he focuses on creating a safer space for ones’ mind and soul | bar 21:00h program 23:00h

14.04.2023 Sugar Slip |  call me daddy | Dirty Maria | Yves | sugar slip is an all-femme dj collective based in Vienna, mixing a daring blend of genres, connecting bass and breaks with trance, pop-infused, garage and baile funk. slow and fast, brassy and soft – we are bold, radical feminists, we are queer and we want our parties to make a statement and foster a place where flinta*s feel welcomed and accepted. our mission is to join and strengthen the local feminist cultural and nightlife movement, challenging the status quo, to offer and connect fresh perspectives. we are passionate about music, activism, and creating a safe(r) and inclusive community. we want to share our nightlife experience but also create a platform for other artists who are interested to express their own vision through music and support us in our purpose and future projects. our parties are open to all genders, but we will give priority to our flinta* friends and queers to join our events first. we strongly stand against sexism, bi-, inter-, homo-, transphobia, racism, ableism, anti-semitism, or any type of discrimination. bar 21:00h program 22:00h

15.04.2023 private party (guest list only)

20.04.2023 Bar to Reinforce Electrical Colors. 22:00H

21.04.2023 private event

22.04.2023 ACIDO NIGHT by rrr | a full night of acid tracks, with a more experimental atmosphere and a playlist elaborated directly by rrr manager, ACIDO NIGHT is the first edition of a series / strange nights and perhaps other strange things can happen at the level of sounds, but with a dance floor rarer than others around .|22:00H

27.04.2023 BRANDO ZORES (live) | Streuselbein (dj set) | bar 21:00h program 22:00h



Streuselbein (dj set)

28.04.2023 rrr night with Wiener Mischung | Hannah mit Hut | Lizn | Toni |bar 21:00h program 22:00h | Wiener Mischung is a DJ crew from Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2018, the crew is currently run by the resident DJs Leo Stussy (CEO and founder), Alphasheep (co-founder), Alex Skorin, Constant.Change, Toni, Stani, Jobmann, Hannah mit Hut & NJ – all being electronic music lovers playing different genres from deep, afro, progressive & melodic house, techno, breakbeats, DnB as well as nu disco & indie dance. “We are delighted to take our audience on a journey through the beautiful soundscapes of electronic music.” Soundcloud Link

29.04.2023 TIN MAN (all night) Of Finnish descent, but born and raised in California, TIN MAN now has a home in Vienna, a town perfectly suited to his deep and moody productions. TIN MAN launched his Global A label project in 2005. The first two releases, ‘Places’ and ‘Acid Acid’, weighed in at three pieces of vinyl each, and showcased his two major musical passions: fragile deep electronica and acid house. Most recently the California born producer and live act has been responsible for reinvigorating the acid scene with his unique and cerebral manipulations of real Roland 303s. His tracks have been laced with slow and subtly shifting patterns that are infused with a very real machine soul and exude captivating warmth.

MARCH 2023

03.03.2023 Lenny Rowe | Oliver Bauer | Kon:stil | Club Twelve | bar 21:00h program 22:00h

09.03.2023 Live Gustavo Petek 10 Etüden für Bandoneon und Bariton E-Gitarre für einen Sampler. | Morning Seance (Simone Borghi) live , The electronic music of Morning Seance combines constant variation and reiterated complex patterns without beginning or ending. But what is intended for variation is not a change applied to a given audio object, rather a main compositional principle that eludes mechanical combinations or evident pulsations. The result is a rich agglomerate of textures and harmonies/melodies that mutates permanently and takes the listener on an atmospheric trip to different sonic environments. bar 21:00h program 22:00h

18.03.2023 rrr the secret party and drinks CLUB TWELVE | EVA ESTRAA | MIZE HETNER | TIN MAN | ACBOY | 22:00h

24.03.2023 Æ-X [Mosaiek, WRECK | Maximo [Connecting People] |Gabriel [Connecting People, CYBER]  |Reinhard [Merkwürdig, CYBER] |bar 21:00h program 22:00h

25.03.2023 Made Up Reality | Eljesa – Fra & DJ Saratonin – Leart – Oko Oko | The connection between Prishtina (Kosovo) and Vienna continues with the next edition of A Made Up Reality on March 25th. In Autumn 2022, when ELL10 joined us for the first time, it became clear that this was the starting point of a lasting musical alliance. With his energetic and powerful (club) sounds, Leart Rama from Prishtina’s Servis crew will further extend this newly formed collaboration. The line-up will be accomplished by the vibrant and boosting viennese duo Fra and Dj Saratonin |

ELL10 (RKS/DE) Eljesa Beka, a multi-disciplinary artist has developed her career through a vast interest and work in music, film programming and literature. By having access to various synthesizers, hardware and film producing gear, while being part of the crew of the only alternative cinema in Prishtina – Kino ARMATA, she learned how to work and experiment with sound, producing ambient-to-electronic music. Eljesa is also well known for her impeccable taste in music by DJ-ing at numerous venues. Though she is usually a solo-artist, she also takes part in jam sessions with local and international artists and lately has also collaborated with two musicians from Prishtina, forming the experimental music band ‘This Is Not’. Eljesa’s talent and dedication to music, poetry and film have been ways of growing a deep appreciation for art and culture, and have served as channels for self-exploration and expression. She now lives and studies in Berlin.

Fra & DJ Saratonin (Booster Club) Fra und DJ Saratonin are playing/learning with/from each other since one and a half years now and recently found a DJ-collective called Booster Club. They never miss out on an opportunity to play *book us* – from soccer games to queer underground raves. Wherever they play they take you on a wild journey with a mix of Ghetto Tech, Ballroom, Deconstructed Club, (Hyper)pop, Breakbeat, Tek, Dance/Electronic and Hardstyle. PS: very danceable

Leart Rama (RKS) Leart Rama is a fearless and driven film director who found his calling in the art of sound design. As he delved deeper into the world of storytelling, he discovered a raw and intimate connection between sound and emotion, which he uses to bring his films to life. With a thirst for knowledge, he immersed himself in the subgenres of electronic music, exploring the far reaches of the genre and unlocking new levels of creativity. Characterized by bold contrasts and fearless expression, Leart’s DJ sets and films are a reflection of life itself. From the harshest noise to the most ethereal ambient, he pushes the boundaries of what is possible and takes his audience on a journey into the unknown. As a key part of Servis, Leart is determined to leave his mark on the scene, telling stories through the power of music and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This is the essence of true artistry and a reflection of Leart Rama’s fearless spirit. | Oko Oko Made Up Reality | bar 21:00h program 22:00h

31.03.2023 Wienerlinie__ He-Man rising | FloimOhr , Der eindimensionale Mensch , Max Schell  , Michael Draude . Edition__ He-Man and the Masters of ViennaWe are wienerlinie__ which has shaped Vienna’s nightlife for years. We are straightforward, genuine and authentic. We are the line to connect us all. We are you! Our focus? Doesn´t exist, just driving! We are not about hype, it´s about your vibe. | bar 21:00h program 22:00h


13.01.2023 FRIDAY 13 barrr

14.01.2023 dj virus | dj stein | bar 21:00h program 22:00h

18/19/20.01.2023 Records Sale & Drinks ‘Bar to Reinforce Electrical Colors’ 21:00h

21.01.2023 Privat Party (GUEST LIST ONLY)

25/26.01.2023 Records Sale & Drinks ‘Bar to Reinforce Electrical Colors’ 21:00h

27.01.2023 SOUNDHOUSE SPEZIAL “Fabian Hofer’s Birthday Celebration” , proudly presents Dadajack (Pompadour) Fabian Hofer Mir-I-am Mize Hetner , SOUNDHOUSE is a place for music enthusiasts – for lovers of techno, house, acid and all their beautiful sub-genres. No racism, no sexism, no homophobia or any other form of violence and discrimination… Sophisticated listening, educated drinking! Come early, stay long and get lost in music! , “We are celebrating life, music and the birthday of our dear and beloved friend Fabian Hofer!  Come, party, drink and dance with us| bar 21:00h program 22:00h (FB event)

28.01.2023 TIN MAN all night ! | bar 21:00h program 22:00h (FB event)

01/02.02.2023 Records Sale & Drinks ‘Bar to Reinforce Electrical Colors’ 21:00h

03.02.2023 A Made Up Reality MOTHER (Glasgow) Monthly for Refuge Worldwide. Representing on CS for The Trilogy Tapes, V I S, Few Crackles, Brain Dead |Fabio Bianco |Firmament |  bar 21:00h program 22:00h (FB event)

04.02.2023 ACID NIGHT – by YN COLLECTIVE |Herbert G. NESS T Monósol Mela Leøne | bar 21:00h program 22:00h |

10.02.2023 Privat Party (GUEST LIST ONLY)

11.02.2023 KONSENS | Vivienna |cr4ck |dtb|

17.02.2023 SOUNDHOUSE

18.02.2023 Privat Party (GUEST LIST ONLY)

24.02.2023 Privat Party (GUEST LIST ONLY)

25.02.2023 DJ FABI 23:00h


02.12.2022 Vich Mind is huge trance energy, big gabber punch, deep nxc emotion and a spacious realm of esoteric cyberpunk landscapes. Hi bpm lightning strikes of exponentially increasing intensity, packed with suprises and rich delicious textures. + Schande (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

03.12.2022 Donnerrrkanzel ATMN b2b Reumann all night long. (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

07.12.2022 A Made Up Reality: Oko Oko – towLie (FB-event)

08.12.2022 Privat Party

09.12.2022 GUEST LIST ONLY

10.12.2022 Khan of Finland 1992-2002 living in New York City, he owned the electronic record shop Temple Records NYC, hosted downtown art events and parties, run three record labels (Temple Records, Super-8, El Turco Loco), produced and performed with a variety of artists and projects such as: Captain Comatose, Air Liquide, Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise, Kid Congo Powers, Little Annie or Brigitte Fontaine, Tiefschwarz, Terranova, Kim Gordon a.m.m. ,Khan is a pioneer in early electro, acid and techno music with projects such as: 4E, Bizz OD, Cube 40, Khan&Walker, Global Electronic Network, Captain Comatose. Collaborations with:Julee Cruise, Diamanda Galas, Holger Czukay, Brigitte Fontaine, Little Annie, Kid Congo, Jimi Tenor, Tiefschwarz, Alexander Kowalski or Air Liquide. Khan is actively writing, producing, and performing around the globe. TIN MAN launched his Global A label project in 2005. The first two releases, ‘Places’ and ‘Acid Acid’, weighed in at three pieces of vinyl each, and showcased his two major musical passions: fragile deep electronica and acid house. TIN MAN has acclaimed releases on the Finnish record label Sähkö / Keys of Life, Cheap Records from Vienna, and continues with new releases on his own imprint, Global A . III part of the anniversary 3 years rrr (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

17.12.2022 SOUNDHOUSE – Bernd Ammann (live) Mir-I-am Fabian Hofer Michael Zehetner (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

24.12.2022 X-mas + djs + more + electronic music 23:00h

31.12.2022 New Year Colors 2023 sponsor by Schremser Bier Doors Open 23:00h / *2023 Line Up

dj club camp support
Michael Zehetner


04.11.2022 CLUBNIGHT rrr bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

05.10.2022 ERNST LIMA (live) Futura (Live) wyme (DJ) Afroninja (DJ) same (DJ) YBsole (DJ) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

11.11.2022 III years anniversary? part I, JUNG AN TAGEN Robert Schwarz Welia TIN MAN ( 21:00h )

12.11.2022 SOUNDHOUSE /Mir-I-am Fabian Hofer Michael Zehetner 21:00h / program 22:00h

18.11.2022 ATOME w/ Tadan (UK) [area127, Mana Abundance] TranskI [Silencer, Scum, Underzone] Oat M [Scum] bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

19.11.2022 vodka&flowers power rave dj supergirl (Paris) Comrade Martin (SI)

25.11.2022 Amish Boy / Skuge (Belgian) Aphex Twin played one of Amish Boy’s track called « Set Goering » in his Manchester Warehouse Project set. another tremendous UK label which produce several artists such as Cylob, EDMX, Mark Broom, JoeFarr, Scalameriya or Duran duran duran notice him and the idea of a double album came. Bintus, who manages the label, offered Sküge to change his name and find an alias that would represent his new compositions, combining techno, idm and industrial.  (part II of the anniversary 3 years? rrr)

26.11.2022 Stagnat (Live) Wherzzz Anton R Di


03.09.2022 RottiRave Vhelipe b2b Dr.Winte(WiththeLove-Agency) Toni (WienerMischung) La Prinzessa Galaktika (Push Network) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h

08.09.2022 JUNG AN TAGEN (dj set) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h “Barely adhering to established syntaxes of rhythm, melody, and timbre, Jung An Tagen seems to want to rewrite the rule book when it comes to electronic music. He’s off to a hell of a start.” The Wire

09.09.2022 RXO & Wukong (live), Aist Connexio (live), YBsole (dj set) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

10.09.2022 Spumante Frizzante DJs Fosa, Pau, Salomo (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

15.09.2022 Wherzzz, Anton R (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

16.06.2022 LDY OSC (dj set) , Marie Cherie (dj set) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

17.09.2022 Tin Man – All Night, Tin Man begins a series of all night acid parties for the intimate dance floor at rrr.
he named master of the modern Acid scene, Tin Man continues to evolve and invigorate with each and every release. (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

20.09.2022 DJs Friedl Pichler, Jeff Witscher and Jack Callahan (live ) , Jung + Schwarz (ETAT) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h supported by PARKEN

American musicians Jeff Witscher and Jack Callahan are known for their far- ranging work under various monikers and deep individual histories within noise, computer music, and new music circles. Joining forces to helm new music and contemporary composition label FLEA, the duo has recently produced a series of beguiling and forward-thinking compositions including The Past, Present And Future Of Experimental Music (Uncut GRM)Stockhausen Syndrome, and ISSUES (What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth), as well as video works and curatorial projects. Their collaborative work often experiments with transparent composition systems and the limits of our current music technology, sharing sensibilities with radio art, A.A. meetings, group therapy sessions, formatlist and fluxus generative poetry experiments, and Q&A formats. They probe into the purpose and meaning of experimental music and showcase tensions inherent to the communication of ideas—exploring what music can be in a world where almost everything is reduced to signals and information. Together, their alliance charts a path for truly avant-garde music in the 21st century.

22.09.2022 ddkern & Philipp Quehenberger close encounters with the next dimension / techno and electronica (dj set) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h

23.09.2022 SOUNDHOUSE Fabian Hofer & Michael Zehetner (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

24.09.2022 Homebase w/ Eliza. Elias Vo. Kon:stil. Malek (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

29.09.2022 Tobias Leibetseder & SZELY (live) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h

30.09.2022 ATOME w/ Hexcode (Crime, HU) With playfulness and levity to her selection, mixing the high octane psy-techno with 90’s weapons and cheeky pop anthems. Hexcode is resident of the Budapest Crime Crew, Transki second best contemporary Trance DJ/producer in town. Based in 1160 – Transki gained rapidly attention on contemporary community labels such as Harmless, Underzone Columbia, Extra Energy and many more., Oat M he is active as a producer and DJ. His productions are genre-agnostic and fully incorporate the mood in which a track was recorded, Scum Collective label night, Scum started 2017 as a small series of in Bolzano, Italy. The project emerged into further including laberworks and podcasts. Soundwise Scum evolved into Techno, Trance, Breaks and Electro, previous releases were collaborated with artist such as Falling Apart, New Frames, Keepsakes and DJ Disrespect, but also promising offspring as Transki.



06.10.2022 BACK2SCHOOL presented by Kutschker Club (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

07.10.2022 Hart Lab / Tanja Turner Seba Kayan  Adriatica (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

14.10.2022 RottiRave Bitschu Batschu b2b Miami Yanis / Fiffi b2b Alias NTT / DJ org (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

15.10.2022 COR Listen to the Sounds of our Hearts. / ANTONIA XM (dj-set) KATANA (dj set) ANEMONA (dj set) EGON SCHIELTE (dj set) / (FB-event) bar 21:00h / 2program 22:00h

21.10.2022 Private Event.

22.10.2022 free for proposals, who wants ? ok write to this email:

25.10.2022 ATOME w/ Midnight Climax (US) Dj Warzone Adam Skull (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

28.10.2022 Andrej Jelic & Marina Mimoza local support by Dj Topspin/ Perculate & VAN MONTE (rrr) (FB-event) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

29.10.2022 Private Event (guest list only).

31.10.2022 halloween party! (rrr Cdjs) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

Jul/Aug 2022

02.07.2022 Geier aus Stahl  (Live) (ALBUM RELEASE PARTY ) | FIRMAMENT | DJ ebhardy | (fb)

08.07.2022 TRANSKY | Loud On Stree |Gloria Gloriette | (fb)

09.07.2022 r ecords r ecords r ecords (Vinylmarkt & dj Line-Up) MSR Distro (fb)

15.07.2022 Wherzzz Aprilee Anton R Patrick Dod Di (fb)

17.07.2022 Otto von Schirach – doors 19:00h live 21:00h (fb)

29.07.2022 AUA x Homebase x Toner barrr 21:00h programm 22:00h (fb)

30.07.2022 discrete formants / Mize Hetner / Fabian Hofer barrr 21:00h program 22:00h (fb)

Aug 2022

06.08.2022 the love agency & wiener Mischung barrr 20:00h program 22:00h (fb)

Jun 2022

02.06.2022 shrimp traxx barrrnight

03.06.2022 Anton R | Patrick Dod | Di | Larigby

04.06.2022 rrr night 20:00h

09.06.2022 Die Nebenwirkung -live- (Nervous Synth-Pop, Gagarin Records)

(support dj Power | Spur B)

10.06.2022 Hart Lab in rainbow (fb)

11.06.2022 MC Rachell & Dj Tanjuro

17.06.2022 Welia | Toni

18.06.2022 TIN MAN | Philipp Quehenberger | ACBOY |

24.06.2022 plastic drrreamin DJ ÆLoisie / sinus LiSSTN  / spkf David plastic dreams / Dorian Mast plastic dreams (fb)

25.06.2022 spumante frizzante

March 2022

04.03.2022 Ramona LDY OSC Gorgi (fb) (ins) 21:00h

05.03.2022 Marie Cherie TIN MAN ACBOY (fb) 21:00h

12.03.2022 plastic drrreamin (fb) 21:00h

18.03.2022 Funkroom (fb) 21:00h

19.03.2022 Golbon Moltaji / More TBA (fb) 21:00h

26.03.2022 ELF CYBORG TRANCE at rrr (fb) 21:00h

31.03.2022 Rent (live) (fb) 22:00h


slowly we will reopen rrr starting this Friday, the program is in progress, dear public we hope to see you back.

thanks for your support, we hope to see you soon

April 2022

09.04.2022 RES.RADIO (fb) 21:00h

14.04.2022 Homebase (fb) 21:00h

15.04.2022 Funkroom (fb) 21:00h

21.04.2022 Thursday night WILMA (fb) 21:00h

22.04.2022 r ecords r ecords r ecords. (fb) 18:00h

28.04.2022 Bernhard loibner Julian Siffert Szely (fb) 21:00h

30.04.2022 hart lab (fb) 21:00h

May 2022

05.05.2022 Golbon Moltaji (fb) 21:00h

06.05.2022 SOUNDHOUSE (fb) 21:00h

07.05.2022 Puro Y Duro: to the Abyss (fb) 21:00h

12.05.2022 Unknown Sound Collective & Bobby King (Nyc) Grace Schella Nino Sebelic (fb) 21:00h

13.05.2022 Juhász Tamás (live) Alley Catss (live) MARAws (dj set) KATANA (dj set) (fb) 21:00h

14.05.2022 Aboreal  Sunburn Nicolai (dj sets) (fb)

20.05.2022 FUNKROOM (fb) 21:00h

21.05.2022 r ecords r ecords r ecords. (fb) 16:00h (vinyl markt)

26.05.2022 Homebase (fb) 20:00h

27.05.2022 Istanbul Electronics VII Speek Seretan ckaya Marie Cherie (fb) 20:00h

28.05.2022 Spumante Frizzante (fb) (spumante records crew) 20:00h

16 oct. 2021

is a DJ based in Vienna. She also makes films and creates her own sounds.

Early in her life Lisa, better known for her DJ persona Violetta, found her love for music. She played the sax in the local marching band, where she fine-tuned her ears for harmonizing instruments. In May 2017 though she surpassed the genre boarders and found herself deeply in love with techno. At first she only enjoyed to get sweaty and hypnotized on the dancefloor, not sleeping but dancing until sunrise. But in 2020 for the first time Violetta changed sides and went behind the decks to serve exactly her trademark sound composed of genre-bending, dark, heavy and A-List techno bangers.

DJ Hill
Vienna based DJ Hill is known for her hard and fast sounds, which she started playing and loving in 2019. The multifaceted artist does not only impress with particularly fast DJ-mixes but also with crazy Rap skills. DJ Hill is part of the female DJ network push. You will be hearing a lot more from this aspiring talent.

line up 20:00 bar , 22:00 Klirren, 00:00 Violetta, 02:00 DJ Hill

The 2G Rule refers to ‘Genesen, Geimpft’

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday bar open from 20

15 oct. 2021

Live / Speek
is refreshing, rebellious and playful, his sound is bold and self-assured. Analog live acïd techno. 

More TBA soon. 

Bar opens at 20:00
Live 22:00

The 2G Rule refers to ‘Genesen, Geimpft’

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday bar open from 20:00h

Reinforce Elektronische Musik

At Bar to Reinforce we consider the dance floor a place which creates new possibilities. Our mission is to bring creative individuals together by having electronic music be the medium to unifying the community. In this space we are creating opportunities for young electronic music enthusiast. These next months we will keep pushing with all necessary precautions. Our Fall program includes workshops, concerts, a new space for music production, and an online radio streaming platform.

Reinforce October (part 1)
Philipp Quehenberger (9 oct.)
Maja Osojnik (15 oct.) 
Firmament (16 oct.)
Idklang (17 oct.) 
All Of Ever Again (23 oct)

Mo Nahold (29 Oct)
LDY OSC (31 oct.)

Reinforce Elektronische Musik Program curated by Yuri Binder, Fabia Matuschek and rrr
With support of City of Vienna culture / Gefördert von der Stadt Wien Kultur .
Info / all events comply with the hygiene regulations established by the Vienna Government, for the prevention of (covid 19) . *Bar 19:00h *Live 21:00h *Closes 01:00h
*The event, will be accepted between 25 to 30 people maximum seated in numbered chairs. (free entry)
*On the same day of the event checklist / registration is mandatory.
*Obligatory wearing mask.

Many thanks to our collaborators and friends / Alyssa Barrera Auvinen, Frau Zott, The Linz boys, rrr team .

Novemberrr 2021

4 Nov. Irradiation (Live) is a sound artist, composer, DJ and club host as well as the co-initiator and manager of the viennese label TEMP~, founded in 2003. With it, she has published several EP’s and an album. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

5 Nov. SOUNDHOUSE FB event

6 Nov. Didi kern / Philipp Quehenberger  (Live) FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 23:00h

11 Nov. Jung An Tagen (Live) is one of the pseudonyms of the musician and artist Stefan Juster, who lives in Vienna. Early on, he was a part of the post-noise tape scene. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

18 Nov. Iva Olo After failing miserably at trying to like most music schools, Olo decided to dedicate herself completely to composing and producing her own music, as well as developing learning techniques and methods that fit the individual, as opposed to the other way around. Which resulted in a philosophy nicknamed “Mixed Musical Arts” – wherein, music is not divided further into categories of genre, for its purpose is to connect, rather than divide. Iva Olo is a guitarist, singer, composer, producer, song-writer and experienced concert artist. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

18 Nov. DJ Assault is an electro musician from Detroit, Michigan. Collecting 12″ and 45’s since age 7, he would go on to be one of the most recognized DJs and producers of Detroit Dance music.Booty Bass pioneer DJ Assault is responsible for bringing his dirty lyrics and 808 beats from the urban streets of Detroit to the international stage. FB Event Bar opens at 20:00h / Dj 23:30h

19 Nov. DVRST (Live) ABU GABI and ND \/\/arl0rd, collab breeding discord and unity between club culture and experimental noise. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 23:00h

25 Nov. GISCHT the solo project of Ursula Winterauer, draws its inspiration from the disparate sounds of industrial, techno and ambient music. Eclectic soundworlds collide, moulded into shape via her precise, as well as vehement, use of live bass guitar, synthesiser and electrosmog clouds. It’s an impeccably arranged interaction between drive, brutality and seduction that Gischt establishes in her live performance which, despite all its force, also lets us come to rest. FB Event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

The Rule refers to ‘Genesen, Geimpft + aktuelle pcr test’ Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday bar open from 20

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all events comply with the hygiene regulations established by the Vienna Government, for the prevention of covid 19