04.11.2022 CLUBNIGHT rrr bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

05.10.2022 ERNST LIMA (live) Futura (Live) wyme (DJ) Afroninja (DJ) same (DJ) YBsole (DJ) bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

11.11.2022 III years anniversary? part I, JUNG AN TAGEN Robert Schwarz Welia TIN MAN ( 21:00h )

12.11.2022 SOUNDHOUSE /Mir-I-am Fabian Hofer Michael Zehetner 21:00h / program 22:00h

18.11.2022 ATOME w/ Tadan (UK) [area127, Mana Abundance] TranskI [Silencer, Scum, Underzone] Oat M [Scum] bar 21:00h / program 22:00h

19.11.2022 vodka&flowers power rave dj supergirl (Paris) Comrade Martin (SI)

25.11.2022 Amish Boy / Skuge (Belgian) Aphex Twin played one of Amish Boy’s track called « Set Goering » in his Manchester Warehouse Project set. another tremendous UK label which produce several artists such as Cylob, EDMX, Mark Broom, JoeFarr, Scalameriya or Duran duran duran notice him and the idea of a double album came. Bintus, who manages the label, offered Sküge to change his name and find an alias that would represent his new compositions, combining techno, idm and industrial.  (part II of the anniversary 3 years? rrr)

26.11.2022 Stagnat (Live) Wherzzz Anton R Di