Power ( Pussy Trio )she is one of the Viennese figures that belongs to the underground generations dj-ing, curating, making, sounds acting, writing, living fast and intense PUKALANI (rrr)strange sounds of the pacific See FB Event


NINA WAGINER (DJ Set)Interstellar records from the past and the future. Dusty electronics and crusty beats with a punk attitude. URRRS (live)is an electronic music performance, hardware based and fully improvised. Using a combination of digital, analog and modular...

06/02 Camilla Milena Fehér / Warlip from Rabiator (live)

Camilla Milena Fehér (live)aka Louiz Freequency / Pluto Fever is researching rituals and rewriting of memories within anthropogenic disasters, searching for new resources within looping spirals, drones and siren singing.Pluto Fever plays the set>>Fossils of the...

07/02 IVVVO

Halcyon Veil’s, IVVVO dissolves breakcore, noise and body-contorting club music. Growing up in Porto, Ivo Pacheco began to frequent his city’s clubs as a teenager, rapidly developing an interest in electronic music and becoming friends with the local crowd of DJs,...

08/02 Caniche / Specific Objects

Caniche , fast & rough rave techno with sprinkles of schranz & trance . Specific Objets , Music producer from Vienna and Resident DJ at Meat Market See FB Event