is a DJ based in Vienna. She also makes films and creates her own sounds. https://soundcloud.com/klirrenklirren

Early in her life Lisa, better known for her DJ persona Violetta, found her love for music. She played the sax in the local marching band, where she fine-tuned her ears for harmonizing instruments. In May 2017 though she surpassed the genre boarders and found herself deeply in love with techno. At first she only enjoyed to get sweaty and hypnotized on the dancefloor, not sleeping but dancing until sunrise. But in 2020 for the first time Violetta changed sides and went behind the decks to serve exactly her trademark sound composed of genre-bending, dark, heavy and A-List techno bangers. https://soundcloud.com/violettaxliz

DJ Hill
Vienna based DJ Hill is known for her hard and fast sounds, which she started playing and loving in 2019. The multifaceted artist does not only impress with particularly fast DJ-mixes but also with crazy Rap skills. DJ Hill is part of the female DJ network push. You will be hearing a lot more from this aspiring talent. https://soundcloud.com/sophia-h-ckel

line up 20:00 bar , 22:00 Klirren, 00:00 Violetta, 02:00 DJ Hill

The 2G Rule refers to ‘Genesen, Geimpft’

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