03.09.2022 RottiRave Vhelipe b2b Dr.Winte(WiththeLove-Agency) Toni (WienerMischung) La Prinzessa Galaktika (Push Network) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h

08.09.2022 JUNG AN TAGEN (dj set) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h “Barely adhering to established syntaxes of rhythm, melody, and timbre, Jung An Tagen seems to want to rewrite the rule book when it comes to electronic music. He’s off to a hell of a start.” The Wire

09.09.2022 RXO & Wukong (live), Aist Connexio (live), YBsole (dj set) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

10.09.2022 Spumante Frizzante DJs Fosa, Pau, Salomo (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

15.09.2022 Wherzzz, Anton R (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

16.06.2022 LDY OSC (dj set) , Marie Cherie (dj set) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

17.09.2022 Tin Man – All Night, Tin Man begins a series of all night acid parties for the intimate dance floor at rrr.
he named master of the modern Acid scene, Tin Man continues to evolve and invigorate with each and every release. (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

20.09.2022 DJs Friedl Pichler, Jeff Witscher and Jack Callahan (live ) , Jung + Schwarz (ETAT) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h supported by PARKEN

American musicians Jeff Witscher and Jack Callahan are known for their far- ranging work under various monikers and deep individual histories within noise, computer music, and new music circles. Joining forces to helm new music and contemporary composition label FLEA, the duo has recently produced a series of beguiling and forward-thinking compositions including The Past, Present And Future Of Experimental Music (Uncut GRM)Stockhausen Syndrome, and ISSUES (What Happens on Earth Stays on Earth), as well as video works and curatorial projects. Their collaborative work often experiments with transparent composition systems and the limits of our current music technology, sharing sensibilities with radio art, A.A. meetings, group therapy sessions, formatlist and fluxus generative poetry experiments, and Q&A formats. They probe into the purpose and meaning of experimental music and showcase tensions inherent to the communication of ideas—exploring what music can be in a world where almost everything is reduced to signals and information. Together, their alliance charts a path for truly avant-garde music in the 21st century.

22.09.2022 ddkern & Philipp Quehenberger close encounters with the next dimension / techno and electronica (dj set) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h

23.09.2022 SOUNDHOUSE Fabian Hofer & Michael Zehetner (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

24.09.2022 Homebase w/ Eliza. Elias Vo. Kon:stil. Malek (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 22:00h

29.09.2022 Tobias Leibetseder & SZELY (live) (FB-event) bar 20:00h / program 21:00h

30.09.2022 ATOME w/ Hexcode (Crime, HU) With playfulness and levity to her selection, mixing the high octane psy-techno with 90’s weapons and cheeky pop anthems. Hexcode is resident of the Budapest Crime Crew, Transki second best contemporary Trance DJ/producer in town. Based in 1160 – Transki gained rapidly attention on contemporary community labels such as Harmless, Underzone Columbia, Extra Energy and many more., Oat M he is active as a producer and DJ. His productions are genre-agnostic and fully incorporate the mood in which a track was recorded, Scum Collective label night, Scum started 2017 as a small series of in Bolzano, Italy. The project emerged into further including laberworks and podcasts. Soundwise Scum evolved into Techno, Trance, Breaks and Electro, previous releases were collaborated with artist such as Falling Apart, New Frames, Keepsakes and DJ Disrespect, but also promising offspring as Transki.