05/03 Ennoson (DJ Set)

Audio and visual artist Onno Ennoson was starting to mix sounds at the legendary Club Duchamp hosted by Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego) in the middle of the 90’s.

Since 23 years of sound work creation he is exploring different fields of interests – cut up collages, drones, tibetcore, rhythmic excursions, the own voice…Collaborations like FERON, ØZØN or SPEEDROON NOORDEEPS and solo performances…

Always interested in a wide range of aural pleasure you can expect his DJing as an unfolding colorful narrative – concrete rhythms are melting with abstract elements, deep bass, spoken words, field recordings and sonic bliss of variety…

06/03 Air Max ’97

“Air Max ’97 creates new spaces and possibilities for the club.” – Truants
“Since his first release via London-based label Liminal Sounds in 2014, Air Max ‘97 has positioned himself amongst the finest, weirdest and most dynamic experimental club producers” – DJ Mag.
“It’s hard to know what to expect from Air Max ‘97, which is why his records are always worth checking out” – Resident Advisor.
Dutch born, New Zealand raised and currently London based, Air Max ‘97 is a singular artist in the electronic music landscape. His affect-focused productions are rich with atmosphere, texture and percussive impact. The past year has seen Air Max ‘97 release celebrated EPs on Timedance and his own label DECISIONS, regular appearances on Rinse FM, and a touring schedule spanning Europe, North America and East Asia. A magnetic presence as a DJ, Air Max ‘97 forges sonic trips alive with energy and dynamism. His sets contrast dark and light, hypnotism and rupture, made all the more special with the inclusion of countless unreleased tracks, edits and blends.

12/03 Bernhard Loibner (live)

Bernhard Loibner
is a composer, musician and media artist from Vienna, Austria.
With his music Loibner treats various musical genres: from experimental electronic and electro-acoustic to post-rock, from audio-visual to radio art. His musical compositions are characterized by the use of computer instruments based on software he writes himself but also analog electronics and sometimes “real” instruments.
The music he creates oscillates between intricate 3-dimensional sound textures and harsh noises. His sounds often imply a pulsating moment while developing continuously reconfigured rhythmical structures beyond metrical beats. A carefully composed balance between movement and quietness is at the center of his musical aesthetics.

13/03 Olēka

Olēka is the new alter ego of the already well-known Bosnia & Hercegovina-based DJ/Producer Forest People! In a very short time, Olēka has affirmed himself as a new powerhouse in today’s techno scene, and has produced releases for world-renowned labels like Planet Rhythm, Genesa, Power Vacuum, Mindcut, Dakfloor, and Newrhythmic. This moniker emphasizes the more industrial, and distorted side of techno. Recognizable by his originality and style, Olēka is the bright future of the genre.

21/03 Riding Dimensional Waves

Postcards from The Bubble Metropolis

Music is the only time travel/dimensional defiance medium we do possess. Sound waves encapsulate feelings and visions which, if crafted under a pure and selfless state of mind, are timeless and boundaryless. They are statements, like love sentences you would write to a loved person on a postcard from a travel destination away from home.

Drexciya is exactly that, and even more. A statement of love, memory, ethnic redemption through recognition and acceptance, via the raceless unity, brought about by the universal power of music.

A (afro)futuristic message, conceived in the redemption-seeking fierceness of the Motor City, created according to the Electro and Techno criteria, and ending up enhancing them.

Drexciya is the spark of light, the reminder that we should try to understand our path by going deep, and then choose it without fear, nor unnecessary compromise. That we should chase our dreams and the truth that’s inside each one of us. If we can do so, we will overcome obstacles, active and passive prejudice, ideologies.

We will be able to live our L.I.F.E. at its fullest meaning, to adapt to change and to create a fruitful environment for us and those around us.

Don’t be afraid of evolution.


Grace Schella B2B The Sonic Interpreter all night long DJ-set.

Music selection of tracks by Drexciya and related side-projects only.


During the event, anyone interested will have the chance to purchase a digital copy of the “Book Of Drexciya” graphic novel by Third Earth Visual Arts. Price upon request.

26/03 Speek


Vienna based artist Speek is a live techno act who uses drum machines like TR-909, TR-808, Roland synthesisers TB-303, SH-101 and an Akai sampler to create sonic aesthetics in his music. Speek’s expressive live performances bring a compelling and rebellious experience for both artist and audience.