4 Nov. Irradiation (Live) is a sound artist, composer, DJ and club host as well as the co-initiator and manager of the viennese label TEMP~, founded in 2003. With it, she has published several EP’s and an album. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

5 Nov. SOUNDHOUSE FB event

6 Nov. Didi kern / Philipp Quehenberger  (Live) FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 23:00h

11 Nov. Jung An Tagen (Live) is one of the pseudonyms of the musician and artist Stefan Juster, who lives in Vienna. Early on, he was a part of the post-noise tape scene. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

18 Nov. Iva Olo After failing miserably at trying to like most music schools, Olo decided to dedicate herself completely to composing and producing her own music, as well as developing learning techniques and methods that fit the individual, as opposed to the other way around. Which resulted in a philosophy nicknamed “Mixed Musical Arts” – wherein, music is not divided further into categories of genre, for its purpose is to connect, rather than divide. Iva Olo is a guitarist, singer, composer, producer, song-writer and experienced concert artist. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

18 Nov. DJ Assault is an electro musician from Detroit, Michigan. Collecting 12″ and 45’s since age 7, he would go on to be one of the most recognized DJs and producers of Detroit Dance music.Booty Bass pioneer DJ Assault is responsible for bringing his dirty lyrics and 808 beats from the urban streets of Detroit to the international stage. FB Event Bar opens at 20:00h / Dj 23:30h

19 Nov. DVRST (Live) ABU GABI and ND \/\/arl0rd, collab breeding discord and unity between club culture and experimental noise. FB event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 23:00h

25 Nov. GISCHT the solo project of Ursula Winterauer, draws its inspiration from the disparate sounds of industrial, techno and ambient music. Eclectic soundworlds collide, moulded into shape via her precise, as well as vehement, use of live bass guitar, synthesiser and electrosmog clouds. It’s an impeccably arranged interaction between drive, brutality and seduction that Gischt establishes in her live performance which, despite all its force, also lets us come to rest. FB Event Bar opens at 20:00h / Live 22:00h

The Rule refers to ‘Genesen, Geimpft + aktuelle pcr test’ Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday bar open from 20

Support by The Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA 7) Gefördert von der Stadt Wien Kultur .Many thanks to our collaborators and friends : Alyssa Barrera Auvinen, Frau Zott, The Linz boys, rrr team .Events Info :
all events comply with the hygiene regulations established by the Vienna Government, for the prevention of covid 19