03.03.2023 Lenny Rowe | Oliver Bauer | Kon:stil | Club Twelve | bar 21:00h program 22:00h

09.03.2023 Live Gustavo Petek 10 Etüden für Bandoneon und Bariton E-Gitarre für einen Sampler. | Morning Seance (Simone Borghi) live , The electronic music of Morning Seance combines constant variation and reiterated complex patterns without beginning or ending. But what is intended for variation is not a change applied to a given audio object, rather a main compositional principle that eludes mechanical combinations or evident pulsations. The result is a rich agglomerate of textures and harmonies/melodies that mutates permanently and takes the listener on an atmospheric trip to different sonic environments. bar 21:00h program 22:00h

18.03.2023 rrr the secret party and drinks CLUB TWELVE | EVA ESTRAA | MIZE HETNER | TIN MAN | ACBOY | 22:00h

24.03.2023 Æ-X [Mosaiek, WRECK | Maximo [Connecting People] |Gabriel [Connecting People, CYBER]  |Reinhard [Merkwürdig, CYBER] |bar 21:00h program 22:00h

25.03.2023 Made Up Reality | Eljesa – Fra & DJ Saratonin – Leart – Oko Oko | The connection between Prishtina (Kosovo) and Vienna continues with the next edition of A Made Up Reality on March 25th. In Autumn 2022, when ELL10 joined us for the first time, it became clear that this was the starting point of a lasting musical alliance. With his energetic and powerful (club) sounds, Leart Rama from Prishtina’s Servis crew will further extend this newly formed collaboration. The line-up will be accomplished by the vibrant and boosting viennese duo Fra and Dj Saratonin |

ELL10 (RKS/DE) Eljesa Beka, a multi-disciplinary artist has developed her career through a vast interest and work in music, film programming and literature. By having access to various synthesizers, hardware and film producing gear, while being part of the crew of the only alternative cinema in Prishtina – Kino ARMATA, she learned how to work and experiment with sound, producing ambient-to-electronic music. Eljesa is also well known for her impeccable taste in music by DJ-ing at numerous venues. Though she is usually a solo-artist, she also takes part in jam sessions with local and international artists and lately has also collaborated with two musicians from Prishtina, forming the experimental music band ‘This Is Not’. Eljesa’s talent and dedication to music, poetry and film have been ways of growing a deep appreciation for art and culture, and have served as channels for self-exploration and expression. She now lives and studies in Berlin. https://soundcloud.com/bekaeljesa

Fra & DJ Saratonin (Booster Club) Fra und DJ Saratonin are playing/learning with/from each other since one and a half years now and recently found a DJ-collective called Booster Club. They never miss out on an opportunity to play *book us* – from soccer games to queer underground raves. Wherever they play they take you on a wild journey with a mix of Ghetto Tech, Ballroom, Deconstructed Club, (Hyper)pop, Breakbeat, Tek, Dance/Electronic and Hardstyle. PS: very danceable

Leart Rama (RKS) Leart Rama is a fearless and driven film director who found his calling in the art of sound design. As he delved deeper into the world of storytelling, he discovered a raw and intimate connection between sound and emotion, which he uses to bring his films to life. With a thirst for knowledge, he immersed himself in the subgenres of electronic music, exploring the far reaches of the genre and unlocking new levels of creativity. Characterized by bold contrasts and fearless expression, Leart’s DJ sets and films are a reflection of life itself. From the harshest noise to the most ethereal ambient, he pushes the boundaries of what is possible and takes his audience on a journey into the unknown. As a key part of Servis, Leart is determined to leave his mark on the scene, telling stories through the power of music and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This is the essence of true artistry and a reflection of Leart Rama’s fearless spirit. https://soundcloud.com/leart-rama | Oko Oko Made Up Reality | bar 21:00h program 22:00h

31.03.2023 Wienerlinie__ He-Man rising | FloimOhr , Der eindimensionale Mensch , Max Schell  , Michael Draude . Edition__ He-Man and the Masters of ViennaWe are wienerlinie__ which has shaped Vienna’s nightlife for years. We are straightforward, genuine and authentic. We are the line to connect us all. We are you! Our focus? Doesn´t exist, just driving! We are not about hype, it´s about your vibe. | bar 21:00h program 22:00h