At Bar to Reinforce we consider the dance floor a place which creates new possibilities. Our mission is to bring creative individuals together by having electronic music be the medium to unifying the community. In this space we are creating opportunities for young electronic music enthusiast. These next months we will keep pushing with all necessary precautions. Our Fall program includes workshops, concerts, a new space for music production, and an online radio streaming platform.

Reinforce October (part 1)
Philipp Quehenberger (9 oct.)
Maja Osojnik (15 oct.) 
Firmament (16 oct.)
Idklang (17 oct.) 
All Of Ever Again (23 oct)

Mo Nahold (29 Oct)
LDY OSC (31 oct.)

Reinforce Elektronische Musik Program curated by Yuri Binder, Fabia Matuschek and rrr
With support of City of Vienna culture / Gefördert von der Stadt Wien Kultur .
Info / all events comply with the hygiene regulations established by the Vienna Government, for the prevention of (covid 19) . *Bar 19:00h *Live 21:00h *Closes 01:00h
*The event, will be accepted between 25 to 30 people maximum seated in numbered chairs. (free entry)
*On the same day of the event checklist / registration is mandatory.
*Obligatory wearing mask.

Many thanks to our collaborators and friends / Alyssa Barrera Auvinen, Frau Zott, The Linz boys, rrr team .